Final Hour with the West Coast Neighbors

Blurred Lines of Blurriness

Weed, NFL Free Agency, and sexy Scandinavians?!?  Yep, it's time for another episode of Final Hour with the West Coast Neighbors!!  Warning: this one might be one of the most sexually charged episodes in the history of the interwebs!!  Upcoming Hollywood blockbusters, the latest NFL moves, and find out who wins the not-so-coveted title of "Daily Douchebag!!"  All this and more on this fun-filled episode!!

Want to jump to something in particular?  Here are some key points for easy access:

  • 19:47 - Seth and Brian give a rundown on some of Hollywood's biggest upcoming films
  • 44:57 - The guys discuss the issues of college tuition and student loans
  • 49:33 - Brian and Seth announce the latest recipient of the "Daily Douchebag" award!!
  • 58:40 - Seth helps Brian celebrate his birthday!!!