Final Hour with the West Coast Neighbors

Jessica Bennett (Part 2)

Boo-tober, the angels dimension, and Hocus Pocus!!  Brian and Seth are back with another episode of Final Hour with the West Coast Neighbors and the conclusion of Jessica Bennett's visit.  Proving she's more than a stuntwoman, Jess gives us the details of her animal outreach work through Shelter Animal Connections.  And did we forget to mention that Halloween is drawing closer?  Well, join the West Coast Neighbors as they discuss the Halloweens of their past as well as what movies they consider "MUST WATCH" for the season.  All that and more on this fun-filled episode of Final Hour with the West Coast Neighbors!!!

Want to jump to something in particular?  Here's some key points for easy access:

  • 1:45 - Jessica explains the differences between life as a stuntwoman and a coordinator
  • 4:10 - Brian and Seth learn all about Shelter Animal Connections from Jess
  • 18:00 - Jess and the guys reflect on past Halloweens and the fun of "Harvest Festivals"
  • 27:00 - Seth, Brian, and Jess give a rundown of which Halloween movies top their lists

Find out more about how you can help animals in need HERE