Final Hour with the West Coast Neighbors

Southern Fried Raging Bride: The 1-Year Antiversary

It's been a whole year?!?!?  That's right, folks.  Final Hour with the West Coast Neighbors has reached the 1-year milestone so what better way to celebrate than with a super special anniversary episode filled with fun times and surprises!!  On this latest episode, Seth and Brian reflect on the past year, while also covering the latest news in entertainment today.  Brian explains the wonder that is "Taydolph Swiftler" while also ranting about the MTV Video Music Awards.  Another edition of "Storytime with Seth" reveals the dangers of Hawaiian Punch consumption.  The West Coast Neighbors are joined in-studio by a surprise guest and also have a special surprise for their listeners.  And EXCLUSIVELY on Final Hour with the West Coast Neighbors: the REAL reason behind "Blerk Sherton" and Miranda Lambert's divorce is revealed!!