Final Hour with the West Coast Neighbors

NFL Special

Robots, hookers, and OMAHA!!!  The West Coast Neighbors are back and this time, they leave the entertainment world and focus on the National Football League!!  On this special episode of Final Hour with the West Coast Neighbors, Seth and Brian take a deeper look at everything that's been happening in the NFL.  Things haven't been great over there, but the Neighbors take you through everything with their special brand of humor and perspective.  Also, in this episode, our first ever listener contest launches!!

Want to jump to something in particular?  Here's some key points for easy access:

  • 1:15 - Catch the details of our first ever contest
  • 5:00 - Da Bears make Brian feel Chicago vengeance
  • 10:00 - Seth and Brian look at the overabundance of rules in the NFL and how it's resulting in a LOT of upsets
  • 16:30 - The guys wonder if maybe there is such a thing as too much safety
  • 31:30 - Seth reveals Brian's secret power to predict criminal behavior
  • 45:00 - Brian and Seth uncover double standards in the world of professional athletes