Final Hour with the West Coast Neighbors

Jordan Wallis

***UPDATE***  Jordan's book has officially been released and is available in both Paperback AND Kindle versions!!  Links below the key points.

Ghost stories, "'Murica!", and Scarlett Johansson!!  All that and more in this brand new episode of Final Hour with the West Coast Neighbors!  Brian and Seth are joined in the studio by author and director, Jordan Wallis, to discuss his new book, what exactly it means to be human, and how professional wrestling is taking over Hollywood.  Sit back, strap in, and get ready for another fun-filled hour with your favorite West Coast Neighbors!!

Want to jump to something in particular?  Here's some key points for easy access:

  • 2:38 - Brian competes with Johnny Football for the title of "Greatest American Symbol"
  • 9:08 - Jordan Wallis joins Brian and Seth to discuss his new book
  • 16:45 - Ghosts!!  British ghosts!!
  • 25:00 - Jordie, Brian, and Seth talk about monster movies, ScarJo, and what it means to be human
  • 31:12 - Seth reviews the new movie Lucy
  • 40:05 - Brian reviews Hercules and WWE's stranglehold on Hollywood is revealed
  • 50:53 - The guys discuss Community moving from network TV to Yahoo!

Get the PAPERBACK version of Jordan's new book on Amazon HERE
Get the KINDLE version of Jordan's new book HERE